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  1. Ethnography in UX :: UXmatters
    In his book The Human Factor, visit web Kim Vicente presents the Human-Tech Ladder, pilule which categorizes human and societal needs according to five factors: physical, salve psychological, team, organizational, and political.
  2. Applying Interior Design Principles To The Web – Smashing Magazine
    Web, industrial, interior… You name it and there are designers for it. We’re all trained in our particular areas (as we should be), but it would do us some good sometimes to look beyond our borders for new approaches to design problems. For a fresh perspective, here we’ll apply several principles of interior design to Web design and see what ideas would help change some of our stuck-in-a-rut design practices.
  3. Design Better And Faster With Rapid Prototyping – Smashing Magazine
    The old adage, “a picture speaks a thousand words” captures what user interface prototyping is all about: using visuals to describe thousands of words’ worth of design and development specifications that detail how a system should behave and look. In an iterative approach to user interface design, rapid prototyping is the process of quickly mocking up the future state of a system, be it a website or application, and validating it with a broader team of users, stakeholders, developers and designers. Doing this rapidly and iteratively generates feedback early and often in the process, improving the final design and reducing the need for changes during development.
  4. 50 New Useful CSS Techniques, Tools and Tutorials – Smashing Magazine
    Over the last years we’ve got a pretty good understanding of what CSS does, how it works and how we can use it for our layouts, typography and visual presentation of the content. However, there are still some attributes that are not so well-known; also, CSS3 offers us new possibilities and tools that need to be understood, learned and then applied in the right context to the right effect.
  5. DC Comics Has Ruined Wonder Woman! –
    DC Comics announced that, starting today, Wonder Woman "will appear like you’ve never seen her before". And I wish they'd just left her alone, especially since she's the only comic book character female I've ever admired. Of course, it took a bunch of men to ruin her. Look at the new costume design by DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee below: she looks ready for Goth Day at the Sherman Oaks Galleria. (Shame on Diane Nelson, the head of DC Entertainment, for allowing this to happen. And for not finding a talented woman writer to update the icon's saga.) Here's the announcement about the dumbass stuff that DC Comics is doing to her. So let me start the campaign: FREE WONDER WOMAN!
  6. White Rabbit: The Cultural and Symbolic Significance of Christian Shephard in LOST by Pearson Moore
    He is the most enigmatic character in the six years of LOST.
  7. Usability is in the Details | Useful Usability
    Although usability practitioners love to show examples of big usability issues with websites and applications, the vast majority of usability issues are typically in the details.  By forcing your application users or website visitors to be constantly bothered with more detailed usability issues, you eventually wear down their patience and force them to decide whether to continue being annoyed, or to try a different application or website.
  8. – Daily LOST News » Blog Archive » Elizabeth Mitchell: The LOST Finale Was ‘Really Brave’
    Elizabeth spoke briefly about LOST today at a press conference in Monte Carlo
  9. The Declaration of Independence using CSS3 and @font-face
  10. O preconceito como estilo | Brasilianas.Org
    O Brasil já tem presença internacional. Isso exige comportamento responsável por parte do lado mais visível dessa internacionalização: governos, grandes corporações e grandes órgãos de mídia. O que fazem, repercute internacionalmente, ainda mais nesses tempos de integração geral da informação.
  11. Era Dunga fica marcada por altos e baixos, autoritarismo e estilo fashion |
    Apesar do melhor aproveitamento entre os técnicos da seleção na última década, imagem do treinador é à da equipe sem brilho da Copa de 2010
  12. La "Naranja Mecánica" acalla la soberbia del seleccionado del "Maior do Mundo" –
    La "Naranja Mecánica" se encargó hoy de acallar a la soberbia brasileña con un aleccionador 2-1. El seleccionado verdeamarello que llegó como favorito a cuartos de final de la Copa del Mundo vuelve a casa con el rótulo de "fracaso rotundo". El resultado es un golpe bajo para todos aquellos aficionados, periodistas deportivos y medios de comunicación del vecino país que ya se sentían campeones del mundo antes de jugar los partidos y que -en algunos casos- se burlaron incluso de Paraguay al que parodiaron en un criticado video de Sport TV de Globo.
  13. Valve Wants Their Next ‘Half-Life’ To Scare You » MTV Multiplayer
    "Half-Life 2: Episode 3" and "Half-Life 3" may not be officially scheduled releases from Valve right now, and since "Portal 2" and Steam for Mac plans in full swing, they probably won't be for a while. That doesn't mean Valve co-founder Gabe Newell isn't willing to talk about what he wants to see from the series, though. He thinks games need to get back in touch with "scaring" their players.
  14. The Flash sofre dura queda em vendas | Multiverso
    A revista mensal do Flash, que atingiu sua terceira edição ontem nos EUA, mais uma vez contendo texto de Geoff Johns e arte de Francis Manapul, sofreu uma dura queda de vendas no mês de maio. The Flash carrega consigo Barry Allen como estrela e mostra este retornado ao Universo DC em novas aventuras em sua cidade natal, Central City.
  15. A New Wonder Woman? (Poll) | GeekDad |
    he New York Times has an article about the history of the character and her costume and why the changes were made. They’re the brainchild of J. Michael Straczynski, best known for Babylon 5. Straczynski recently signed an exclusive contract with DC  after years of writing Spider-Man and Thor for Marvel, and he’ll be writing Superman as well as Wonder Woman.  He gave an in-depth interview about the changes to the Amazon with
  16. Microsoft cancela linha de celulares lançada há dois meses
    Após vender apenas 500 unidades de seus celulares Kin nos EUA, segundo a Business Insider, a Microsoft cancelou a linha de aparelhos lançada há dois meses, em 12 de abril, de acordo com a Cnet.
  17. “Design thinking is a nonsensical phrase that deserves to die” – Don Norman- 90 Percent of Everything
    It’s worth watching the whole video – but you can fast forward to 13m20s to see the part quoted.
  18. Why Design Thinking Won’t Save You – Peter Merholz – Harvard Business Review
    Whenever I see a business magazine glow about design thinking, as BusinessWeek has done recently with this special report, and which Harvard Business Review did last year it gets my dander up. Not because I don't see the value of design (I started a company dedicated to experience design), but because the discussion in such articles is inevitably so fetishistic, and sadly limited.
  19. interactions magazine | Evolution of the Mind: A Case for Design Literacy
    n the year 1202, a mathematician named Leonardo of Pisa published a book that changed the world. To many he is known as Fibonacci, and he’s famous because this sequence of numbers-0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 and so on-bears his name. The Fibonacci series, as it is known, is an algorithm or proportion found in nature, from the bracts of pinecones to DNA molecules, in which the first number of the sequence is 0, the second number is 1, and each subsequent number is equal to the sum of the previous two. Although Fibonacci is best known for this series of numbers, it is his lesser-appreciated book Liber Abaci, in which the numbers appeared as the answer to an algebraic word problem, that many consider a keystone contribution to the advancement of humankind.
  20. TESTTube @ YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.
    Welcome to TestTube, our ideas incubator. This is where YouTube engineers and developers test out recipes and concoctions that aren't quite fully baked and invite you to tell us how they're coming along.<br />
    <br />
    Your comments will help us improve and perfect the mixtures we're working on. So jump in, play around, and send your feedback directly to the brains behind the scenes.
  21. Design Thinking: A Useful Myth – Core77
    A powerful myth has arisen upon the land, a myth that permeates business, academia, and government. It is pervasive and persuasive. But although it is relatively harmless, it is false. The myth? That designers possess some mystical, creative thought process that places them above all others in their skills at creative, groundbreaking thought. This myth is nonsense, but like all myths, it has a certain ring of plausibility although lacking any evidence. Why should we perpetuate such nonsensical, erroneous thinking? Because it turns out to be a very useful way to convince people that designers do more than make things look pretty. Never let facts stand in the way of utility.
  22. YouTube Explains Where HTML5 Video Fails
    awjr writes "YouTube have pretty much come down on the side of Flash having major issues with the lack of features that the HTML5 <video> tag has and may never have."
  23. G1 – Transformadores em bueiro que explodiu foram trocados em junho – notícias em Rio de Janeiro
    'Não entendemos direito o que aconteceu', declarou presidente da Light.<br />
    É muito grave estado de saúde da turista americana, segundo hospital.
  24. Acrylic hackintosh housing
  25. Don’t listen to Le Corbusier—or Jakob Nielsen : Cheerful
    Humans are not rational beings.
  26. Oi velox: atenção para os novos clientes – GameVicio
    O CLIENTE que extrapolar sua franquia terá sua<br />
    velocidade máxima reduzida para 300 kbps até o final do seu atual ciclo<br />
    de faturamento, quando sua velocidade será restaurada para a velocidade<br />
    máxima contratada.
  27. Uma entrevista explosiva. E verdadeira – Blog do Juca Kfouri – UOL Esporte
    Os figurões pagarão apenas os custos legais e suas identidades não serão reveladas. “É por isso que meu segundo livro sobre o tema será uma comparação da Fifa com o crime organizado”, conta. Ele optou por publicar a obra depois das eleições na entidade, em maio de 2011, embora duvide que alguém vá enfrentar o dono da bola, Joseph Blatter. “Ninguém ousa desafiar a Fifa porque eles controlam o dinheiro. E a imprensa cala”, dispara Jennings.
  28. Hangar 18 (film) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Hangar 18 is a 1980 science fiction film that was released to capitalize on the UFO interest of the era. The film itself carries ties to Area 51, as well as ufology. Although it flopped (reportedly earning a gross of only $6 million), it tantalized those who saw government cover-ups of UFOs (such as the Roswell incident) as dirty laundry needing to be aired[citation needed]. In May 1989, Hangar 18 was featured in an episode of movie-mocking television show Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  29. Majestic 12 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Majestic 12 (also known as Majic 12, Majestic Trust, M12, MJ 12, MJ XII or Majority 12) is the purported code name of a secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, supposedly formed in 1947 by an executive order of U.S. President Harry S Truman. The alleged purpose of the committee was to investigate UFO activity in the aftermath of the Roswell incident—the purported crash of an alien spaceship near Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947. The Majestic 12 is an important part of the UFO conspiracy theory of an ongoing government cover up of UFO information. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has concluded that documents associated with the Majestic 12 committee are "completely bogus".[1]
  30. How to Downgrade Your iPhone 3G[S] from iOS 4 to iOS 3.1.3
    A lot of iPhone 3G owners—myself included—have discovered that upgrading to iOS 4 has slowed their devices to a crawl. If you decide the new features and shortcuts just aren't worth the glacial performance, here's how to downgrade your iDevice.