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  1. Designing An Addictive Game Part 2/2 – Is That Ethically Wrong? at Game Producer Blog
    Designing Addictive Game Part 1 (Resources) gave some entry points into addictive game design. Today I’d like to ask about ethics.
  2. Designing An Addictive Game Part 1/2 – Resources at Game Producer Blog
    I’ve been discussing and studying why some games are addictive, case and started compiling a list of articles. In the first part of this article, I’ll mention several articles (along with some comments), and if you happen to have suggestions for some good articles that talk about addiction in games please feel free to share them and I’ll get them here.
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  4. A Selection of Mobile UI Wireframe Sketches | Design Reviver
    Reading about the UI design process of any web site, web application or even a mobile app can be very informative and inspirational for any designer. But nothing would beat experiencing the initial design process, as the original designer did, and getting the chance to view the fruition of a UI concept. The only way you could experience this is by having a look at the designers initial wireframe sketches, and that is exactly what we have for you today in this news round-up – A Selection of Mobile UI Wireframe Sketches.
  5. Mega-Sena acumula e pode pagar R$ 70 milhões – notícias em Brasil
    Ninguém acertou as seis dezenas sorteadas neste sábado.<br />
    Próximo concurso será realizado na quarta-feira (1).
  6. Rabino israelense diz que Abbas e palestinos deveriam morrer – notícias em Mundo
    Ovadia Yosef é líder espiritual do partido Shas, que faz parte do governo.<br />
    Primeiro-ministro israelense e Abbas devem retomar negociações na quarta.
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  8. Após polêmica da Hungria, Schumi se desculpa com Rubinho pelo celular |
    – Recebi uma mensagem de texto dele hoje (quinta) pelo celular. Alguém disse que eu tinha ficado com a impressão de que ele tinha me jogado contra o muro e Schumacher disse que não foi o caso. Ele se desculpou pelo acontecido. Disse apenas "Obrigado, sem problemas". Aceitei e desejei a ele um bom fim de semana. A vida continua – diz Barrichello
  9. Barrichello é eleito novo presidente da Associação dos Pilotos da Fórmula 1 |
    No fim de semana de seu 300º GP na Fórmula 1, Rubens Barrichello foi eleito o novo presidente da Associação dos Pilotos (GPDA). O brasileiro da Williams substitui o alemão Nick Heidfeld, que deixou o cargo de reserva na Mercedes para fazer os testes com os novos pneus Pirelli para 2011.
  10. Why is sketching such an important aspect of design? | Forty
    In college, my design professors tried to get me to understand the value of sketching, but I didn't want to hear it. Why would I want to sketch in a silly little book when I have this computer, with all the design software I could ever want, and more fonts than I could possibly know what do with?<br />
    <br />
    For years I fought the idea. Whenever a new design project came along I'd get out my sketchbook and hunt for just the right pen, and go through the motions of sketching. The result was usually one idea partially drawn out and then hours and hours on the computer refining that one idea.
  11. Heroes and villains of imaginary worlds: A quick primer
    You can certainly have science fiction without heroes or villains — a lot of the greatest SF novels don't make things quite so clear-cut. Unlike, say, detective fiction, in which you must have a detective and there's almost always a murderer, the basic concept of science fiction doesn't require heroism or villainy. But as you can see from the definitions of SF we posted this morning, a lot of people view SF as being in a "gothic" mode, or as being about the fate of humanity — and those things usually imply that there's a gothic hero, or someone who's trying to save humanity. But it'll never be as clear-cut as most detective fiction, or chick lit, or travel memoirs, to name a few.
  12. Fictional Science 101: Important scientific ideas that inform science fiction
    Though science fiction often mangles scientific truths, it is nevertheless a genre that is highly influenced by the latest trends in scientific thought and research. Here are some of the scientific (and semi-scientific) ideas that have influenced SF the most.
  13. Electric Beetle on Record-Breaking Cross-Canadian Trek | Autopia |
    Students from the University of British Columbia hope to set a record for the fastest coast-to-coast drive across Canada in an electric vehicle, range anxiety be damned. Better yet, they’re making the trip in a slick home-brew electrified classic VW Beetle.
  14. Rede Globo – Globo Universidade – NOTÍCIAS – Linguagem, ideologia e construção do poder
    Uma única palavra pode mudar o curso da História. Um relato, um panfleto, um livro podem fazer emergir o terror e a catástrofe. A loucura narrativa tem força de um tsumani e por isso o filósofo, romancista, dramaturgo e poeta francês Jean-Pierre Faye pede às pessoas que agucem o ouvido para as palavras. Na sinfonia do mundo tudo está dito, mas as pessoas não escutam ou não entendem o que ouvem.
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  16. Faculdade americana vai requerer que novatos joguem Portal | Games
    Normalmente um estudante universitário precisa dividir bem suas horas diárias para achar um equilíbrio entre estudo e diversão. Se ele gastar muito tempo se divertindo, vai se dar mal nas matérias do curso. Se ele ficar estudando demais, não sobra tempo para extravasar e o stress acumula. Mas uma faculdade americana decidiu unir estudo com diversão. Ao menos para os novatos que quiserem ingressar em um curso.
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  18. Three New Features: Universal Player, Watch Later and Roku on Vimeo Staff Blog
    Since we rolled out the HTML5 player in January people have been clamoring for an embeddable version, especially for iPhones and iPads. Today we're taking a big leap forward for compatibility and updating our embed code. We call it the Universal Player.
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  21. E-learning Conferences Worldwide Upcoming events in internet-based education, educational technology and related fields
    Upcoming events in internet-based education, educational technology and related fields
  22. A List Apart: Articles: Apps vs. the Web
    Pull the iPhone out of your pocket and look at the home screen. Likely, you’re seeing some well known brands on the web: Facebook, Flickr, and Google to name just a few. You’ll also see companies like Amazon, Target, and Walmart which sell a lot of products via the web.
  23. Best Practical: RT: Request Tracker
    RT is an enterprise-grade issue tracking system which enables thousands of organizations to intelligently and efficiently manage tasks, problems, conversations or just about anything else.
  24. eTicket Help Desk Software PHP
    eTicket is a PHP-based electronic support ticket system that can receive tickets via email (pop3/pipe) or a web form. It also offers a ticket manager with many features. An ideal, easy to use and install helpdesk solution for any website.
  25. osTicket:: Open Source Support Ticket System
    sTicket is designed to help you streamline support requests and improve customer support efficiency by providing staff with tools they need to deliver fast, effective and measurable support. Some of the core features include;
  26. The origins of abc | I love typography, the typography and fonts blog
    We see it every day on signs, billboards, packaging, in books and magazines; in fact, you are looking at it now — the Latin or Roman alphabet, the world’s most prolific, most widespread abc. Typography is a relatively recent invention, but to unearth the origins of alphabets, we will need to travel much farther back in time, to an era contemporaneous with the emergence of (agricultural) civilisation itself.
  27. jQuery Mobile | jQuery Mobile
    A unified user interface system across all popular mobile device platforms, built on the rock-solid jQuery and jQuery UI foundation. Its lightweight code is built with progressive enhancement, and has a flexible, easily themeable design.
  28. The World Of Signage Photo Contest: Join In and Win a Digital SLR Camera!
    This one’s easy: take a shot, send us the image and win a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS digital SLR camera. Typography and icons are everywhere: they surround us, guide us, help us find the right path every day. As Web designers and graphic artists, we can learn from observing the type and public signage around us. How do designers of those graphics combine type, visual design and pictograms? How do they guide us through our day? More importantly, how do they design their graphics to meaningfully serve their purpose in particular settings?
  29. Chronicles RPG
  30. 3 Ton Gallery: Thirty Five Images of Space Helmet Reflections
    Thirty Five Images of Space Helmet Reflections