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  1. » Learning Styles: The Cognitive Side of Content Johnny Holland – It’s all about interaction » Blog Archive
    We learn through our verbal, mind visual, apoplexy and kinesthetic senses, and our memories are encoded in these different formats. Each of us likely favors one style of learning over the others, but pithy, concrete text coupled with informative images is a potent content cocktail for people of all learning styles.
  2. Google Apps update alerts: Admins can now transfer Google Documents from one user to another
    Administrators can now transfer all documents owned by one user to another via the Administrator Control Panel. Reassigning ownership can be useful when a user is leaving your organization. This was previously only possible via the Google Documents List API.
  3. The Self-Absorbing Man: Captain America: The First Movie Poster
    To prove I was up to the task, I did a Captain America poster "on spec" (which was later used as the cover to a movie tie-in comic). As it turned out, the job was already taken, but they liked my work well enough to commission a "vintage" poster that would be given as a gift to the entire cast and crew.
  4. Ben Johnson acusa empresário do rival Carl Lewis por doping em Seul |
    Em entrevista ao 'Esporte Espetacular', ex-velocista reconhece que usava substâncias proibidas, mas só foi pego nos exames por causa de sabotagem
  5. G1 – Morre o ex-ministro da Educação Paulo Renato Souza – notícias em Política
    Ele sofreu um infarto fulminante, segundo assessoria do governo de SP.<br />
    Velório será realizado a partir das 10h na Assembleia Legislativa
  6. Kent and London – Handmade Chest of Drawers and Handmade Furniture made using quality materials and traditional methods to create solid, beautifully finished household furniture.
    Inspired by vintage printing blocks, this beautifully finished chest of 26 drawers is made from solid oak – the perfect place to file everything from A-Z!
  7. Final Cut Pro X: What’s Missing for Some Pros – Creative COW
    So yesterday was met with the news that Final Cut Pro X was finally available and like someone waiting outside the famous PT Barnum museum in New York City, I plunked down my $299 to download the software and ensure that the information I had gotten over the past few months was correct. I was wrong. It was worse.
  8. Final Cut Pro X Or Really iMovie Pro?
    Apple introduced Final Cut Pro X earlier this week with the tag line “Everything just changed in post.” I guess it depends on what you mean by the word ‘changed’. Apple said they showed the pre-release version to professional editors and their jaws dropped. One Academy Award-winning editor said he was “blown away” by the modern and fast software that let’s you focus on telling your story without worrying about the technical details. Now that it’s released, many critics and early Final Cut Pro X downloaders are telling a different story. Some are even suggesting they will jump ship from what many are calling iMovie Pro or much worse.
  9. Dramatic new NASA animation depicts next Mars rover in action
    Ken Kremer – Universe Today — NASA's next Mars rover, the Curiosity Mars Science Laboratory, will soon embark on a quantum leap in humankind's scientific exploration of the Martian surface.
  10. The iCloud logo and the golden ratio | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog
    Apple's commitment to thoughtful design is legendary, and here's another example. The iCloud logo uses the golden ratio.
  11. Star Wars Galaxies Is Dead, Long Live The Old Republic
    Star Wars Galaxies, the original massively-multiplayer online role-playing game based on George Lucas' universe, will go offline later this year after more than eight years of service, Sony Online Entertainment and LucasArts announced today.
  12. RAM upgrade for Apple MacBook Aluminum Unibody | Shoppingdood
    If you’re looking to upgrade the RAM on your Macbook Aluminum (5,1), non or pro, you have come to the right place.  Well, for any of your Apple MacBooks for that matter.
  13. A Visual History of the Alphabet – Maria Popova – Life – The Atlantic
    A book uses lavish illustrations and typography to tell how cultures transformed sounds into letters, why letters look the way they do, and why they'll never change
  14. Visual multiplication is delightful – Boing Boing
    It's been ages since I last checked in with math-doodling funnylady Vi Hart's YouTube feed — too long. The latest installment's a great technique for visual multiplication (and binomial expansion!) that I wish I'd known when I was in school, and a little rumination on good sentence structure in mathematics.
  15. Lytro Launches to Transform Photography with $50M in Venture Funds (TCTV)
    Love photos but utterly bored by wave after wave of iPhone photo sharing apps? Lytro is the company for you. This is also the company for anyone who thinks Silicon Valley has fallen into a rut of innovation-less posing. And it’s the company for anyone who complains that the Valley is more about media and marketing than brass-knuckles, hardcore technology. This is the company that jaded, cranky, rap-lyric quoting investor Ben Horowitz says, “blew my brains to bits.”
  16. ThinkGeek :: Angry Birds Game
    Demolition is the name of the game. Whether it’s tearing down your 1950s kitchen or busting through some pig lairs, breaking stuff is fun with a capital FUN. But when it comes to Angry Birds… it’s clear that nobody appreciates the hard work that went into building all of those pig habitats. You just fling birds all willy-nilly and hit reload before they start snickering at your failures. You need to learn a lesson, son.
  17. ThinkGeek :: Angry Birds Card Game
    With cell phones ranking up there with pickles for causing cancer, you want to unplug and play some real games. You know, the kind with cards and dice that involve a table and other people. So what do we get for you? A way to play the same game you’re addicted to on your phone without needing your phone. Check out the new Angry Birds Card Game. Just don’t eat any pickles while playing, or you negate the benefits.
  18. Imaginary Foundation: Liz Collini’s Typographical Art
    Chalk and pen on blue emulsion
  19. Bushnell Backtrack D-Tour GPS Personal Location Finder | Be Sportier
    If you've ever gotten lost in the woods, the BackTrack D-tour GPS Personal Location Finder will save your the scary feeling of not knowing where your car is. The BackTrack D-tour GPS is simple to use and lets you get to your origin with just a push of a button and follow of an arrow. It's boasts lots of features including a weather-resistant body, grayscale LCD screen, and lets you store up to five locations.
  20. The Art of Design Research (and Why It Matters) – Jon Freach – Life – The Atlantic
    Design can exist without "the research." But if we don't study the world, we don't always know how or what to create.
  21. User Experience no Google | Arquitetura de Informação
    Entre as páginas institucionais do Google, tem uma delas que fala quais são os 10 passos que contribuem com uma experiência do usuário digna da marca Google.
  22. LukeW | An Event Apart: Design Principles
    In his Design Principles presentation at An Event Apart in Atlanta, GA 2011 Jeremy Keith outlined the design principles behind the World Wide Web and how they continue to shape its future. Here are my notes from his talk
  23. Eu Vou de Bike – Bicicletas, Lazer e Transporte Urbano » Utilize corretamente o câmbio da bicicleta
    Apesar de já termos falado um pouco deste assunto por aqui, nossa ideia agora é ir um pouco mais ‘fundo’ no que se refere às relações corretas entre as marchas para, além de oferecer uma melhor performance e conforto, poder prolongar a vida útil da bicicleta.
  24. Eleições DCE – Graduação em Administração da UFPE
    As Eleições do DCE não são legítimas! Confira o texto produzido por alunos que fazem Movimento Estudantil na UFPE e participam dos CEB's (Congresso das Entidades de BASE)
  25. Libra (novel) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Libra (1988) is a novel written by Don DeLillo. It focuses on the life of Lee Harvey Oswald and offers a speculative account of the events that shaped the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.