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  1. Os dois relógios da Savassi — na Savassi
    Professores inauguram relógio de papelão como crítica ao governo. Trânsito em toda a região fica complicado devido às interdições para o evento no Palácio.
  2. Sérgio Herz, cost da Livraria Cultura, sickness anuncia uma segunda unidade no Recife. E ainda maior do que a atual – Blog de Jamildo
    “A Cultura do Paço já está pequena para o Recife”, visit this site falou Herz. A nova megastore será inaugurada no Shopping Rio Mar, que está em construção no Pina e deve abrir as portas na metade do próximo ano.
  3. ifttt / About ifttt
    Put the internet to work for you
  4. 30 Must Have Free PSD UI Kits For Web Design
    Either for self-promotion or simply for goodwill and to help others, the truth is that finding free resources and inspiration can be a really easy task. If you are an experienced designer, you know the best way to learn is by just looking and studying other people’s work. PSD files can be a powerful way to learn and fulfill your work expectations. This collection includes some fantastic UI kits, a lot of assets for web and graphic design, as well as a few cool icons. These PSDs are as perfect for learning as they are for your future projects.
  5. Just some other awesome CSS3 buttons – Red Team Design
    Whether you’re designing a website or a web application, you’ll need buttons for it. Now, with CSS3′s help, it was never easier to create nice looking buttons.<br />
    <br />
    In this article you’ll learn how to create some cool CSS3 buttons in just a few steps.
  6. Governo anuncia desconto de IPI para carros com 65% de conteúdo nacional até dezembro de 2012
    Mentira… aumentaram (30%!!!) os impostos e depois deram descontos (30%!!!) para os nacionais. Importados?! FUMO!
  7. / Futebol Nacional – Informação é o nosso esporte – Rogério Ceni responde a Neymar: Tenho o direito de ser chato
    "O Pelé falou que na época dele não se usava brinco, não se fazia penteado de cabelo, que tinha que ser macho. E ninguém falou nada"
  8. Open Rover by The Dude — Kickstarter
    Having seen how easily robotics projects are done with an iCreate, I have wanted to develop a similar platform for outdoor use. I was hoping that iRobot would release a cheaper less durable version of the Packbot or one of its smaller siblings but that doesn’t look like it will be happening any time soon.
  9. The Raster Tragedy at Low-Resolution Revisited
    Opportunities and Challenges beyond “Delta-Hinting”
  10. Berillo Júnior revoltado com arbitragem no jogo contra o Bragantino – Blog do Torcedor
    O dirigente explicou que, independente da comprovação do grau de parentesco entre a assistente Márcia Caetano e o zagueiro Júnior Lopes, do time paulista, o timbu vai entrar com uma representação contra a auxiliar na Confederação Brasileira de Futebol.
  11. The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web – a practical guide to web typography
    A practical guide to web typography
  12. Readable Web — Tracking The Move From Print To The Networked Screen
    Tracking The Move From Print To The Networked Screen
  13. CODE.NEWTYPOGRAPHY.CO.UK | making fonts for the cloud
  14. A closer look at TrueType hinting « The Typekit Blog
    This is our sixth post in an ongoing series about type rendering on the web. Read the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and final posts.<br />
    <br />
    As Tim Brown explained in the previous post on font formats, glyphs in web fonts are stored as Bézier curves. The shapes are drawn as outlines that consist of nodes on the contour and so-called handles, which help control the exact shape of the curves. Since the contours are stored as abstract mathematical formulas, they are infinitely smooth and precise. As such, they can be scaled to any size.
  15. ZOMBIES, RUN! Running game & audio adventure for iOS/Android by Six to Start and Naomi Alderman — Kickstarter
    Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive game for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android where you help rebuild civilisation after a zombie apocalypse. By going out and running in the real world, you can collect medicine, ammo, batteries, and spare parts that you can use to build up and expand your base – all while getting orders, clues, and story through your headphones.
  16. Do users change their settings? » UIE Brain Sparks
    What we found was really interesting. Less than 5% of the users we surveyed had changed any settings at all. More than 95% had kept the settings in the exact configuration that the program installed in.
  17. Movie Locations Guide: Ghostbusters Fire Station Filming Location
    Used numerous times during the movie, this real life fully operational Fire Station (Hook & Ladder 8) was used as the headquarters of the Ghostbusters.
  18. Download Details – Microsoft Download Center – Hinting Indic Fonts with VTT
    Microsoft Font Development Training Series: This step-by-step tutorial will help you learn more about hinting Indic fonts with VTT.
  19. Tipografia no iPad
    Links do Henrique Nardi
  20. Hinting tutorial? | Typophile
    Does anybody know of a good hinting tutorial. I'm working with Fontlab, but a general description of the hinting proces would also be very helpfull.
  21. Hinting Tutorial
    When discussing TrueType hinting it is best to think of TrueType as a programming language. Font companies who produce TrueType all use different approaches. Individual typographic engineers in a font company may also use different hinting philosophies. A single type engineer may use a different overall strategy from typeface1 to typeface.
  22. Microsoft Typography – TrueType Hinting (1 of 5):Introduction
    Hinting is an essential part of the production of a quality font. It is indispensable in every font intended to be legible at small sizes on low resolution output devices. A well-hinted font offers the quality only provided in the past by hand-tuned bitmaps – but with all the speed and reduced memory requirements which characterize outline font formats. Moreover, because the bitmaps are still produced by an outline font, text can be rotated, scaled and viewed at different sizes, and even printed out while maintaining high image quality.
  23. 10 Science Fiction and Fantasy Actors Who Make Everything Better
    There are many actors who help make science fiction and fantasy awesome, but there are some faces you see again and again. And some actors just automatically brighten the screen whenever they appear. No matter what movie or TV show they're in, they make it better.
  24. SkyNET: DIY drone helicopter WiFi attacks for less than $600 | Naked Security
    Researchers at the Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, believe they have dreamt up a way for malicious hackers to break into WiFi networks and commandeer computers into a botnet – not via the internet, but using a DIY drone helicopter that costs less than $600.
  25. Welcome! – Precision Remotes, Inc.
    Precision Remotes, Inc. (PRI) designs and manufactures a full suite of remotely operated weapon systems (ROWS) and surveillance platforms. These systems deliver a powerful force protection capability whether you are riding in a vehicle, guarding an entry control point or securing a critical facility. Please contact us to learn how our ultra-light systems can take your security to the next level.
  26. Weird Quantum Effect Can Make Materials Transparent
    When you shine light on a substance, part of the light is reflected, part is transmitted and part is absorbed. If you choose the color of light and the substance sensibly, you can arrange things so that all the light is absorbed. Nothing special about that, right? OK, but what if you could shine a second light on the substance and make it transparent for the first light field? That would be a bit strange, wouldn’t it?
  27. Twitter / @expeditopaz: Chegou a pizza. Entregador …
    Chegou a pizza. Entregador vai esculachar o vizinho que recebeu a outra na má-fé. Dá vontade de bisbilhotar o barraco…
  28. Twitter / @expeditopaz: Pedi pizza, entregador bat …
    Pedi pizza, entregador bateu na casa errada, elemento recebeu a pizza e o entregador não conferiu se quem recebeu era eu. Competência.
  29. Comparing Brazilian states with countries: Brazilian equivalents | The Economist
    THE notion that Brazil is in the vanguard of a group of emerging countries on their way to economic superpower-dom is so widely accepted as to have become trite. But how far along this road is Brazil? One way to get a quick answer is to compare Brazilian states with countries. The map below presents country equivalents for every state in terms of GDP, GDP per person and population. It throws up some curiosities: who knew that Alagoas, a state in the north-east that is currently more famous for its murder rate than for its magnificent beaches, has the same GDP per person as China? It also suggests that even the comparatively rich states in the south and south-east have some way to go before they can be compared with wealthy places in the northern hemisphere. The gauchos of Rio Grande do Sul will not necessarily be delighted to learn that GDP per person in their state is close to that of Gabon.