Antigos Posts

Ubuntu e Linux

  1. IEs 4 Linux.
  2. NVU: Open source web authoring system with WYSIWYG and HTML modes and site manangement features derived from Netscape Composer.
  3. Aptana: The Web IDE.
  4. CSSED a application to help create and maintain CSS style sheets for web developing.
  5. Como instalar o Xgl/Compiz para quem tem placas nVidia.
  6. Beryl: Compiz forked.
  7. Making wireless work in Ubuntu.
  8. A demo of Metisse, an X-based window system designed with two goals in mind: make it easy to design and implement innovative window management techniques and conform to existing standards and be robust and efficient enough to be used on a daily basis,making it a suitable platform for the evaluation of the proposed techniques.
  9. Tweaking your Synaptics Touchpad (laptops) : Ubuntu (6.06.1 / 6.10).
  10. ubuntu 6.10 + xgl + beryl.
  11. How to Install Anyting on Ubuntu.