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Dante 01

Deep space, at the edge of the galaxy. The future. A new prisoner arrives on top security prison ship and psychiatric research unit Dante 01. Sole survivor of an encounter with an alien force beyond imagining, Saint Georges is a man possessed by inner demons, caught up in the battle to control the monstrous power within him. It’s a power that will infect the other highly dangerous occupants of Dante 01, gaolors and prisoners alike, unleashing a violent rebellion that turns this terrifying, labyrinthine world upside down. In the otherworldly hell of the ship’s depths, through danger and redemption, each must journey to his very limits… each must confront his own Dragon. Written by Anonymous

Via imdb!

Dante 01 (2008) é um Syfy do diretor francês Marc Caro (Delicatessen, 1991 (!!!)). Recomendado pelo Khristofferson, este é um dos filmes do final de semana por aqui.

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